Thursday, November 13, 2014

3D Model

This is my project for the week. I have to admit it is not at all up to the level I wish it was, but the program which we used to make it (the 123D Catch) suddenly stopped working yesterday when I was using it. I continued to try and refresh the page, restart the program, etc., but it refused to re-load my project so I could edit it. I also tried creating a new project with the same pictures, but it would not load those either. I don't know why it did that, but it's highly frustrating! I tried it again this afternoon, and it still refuses to co-operate. It just freezes on the "Loading 3D Model" screen.

I'm very disappointed, because I feel that this program has a lot of cool things to offer. I became very interested in the idea of 3D models after seeing the clip of the boy whose father printed him a 3D prosthetic hand! My little 8 year old brother was born without fingers, so stories like that are especially interesting to me. It was amazing the father could use the program in that way!

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