Thursday, October 30, 2014


This week's art project for my online art class was on ASCII Art, which is art made from typing! I am actually very familiar with this kind of art (although I didn't know what it was called) because when I was younger I used to play on websites where I saw basic designs like this all the time!

I used to play on a website called "Stardoll" and I had a character on there, and you could customize your "about me" page with your own typed-up bio. Everyone would have little typography pictures on theirs. I was always looking for cute new ones to add to my bio page. lol I also used to go on the Nancy Drew message boards for the computer games, and they were all the rage there, too. lol There would be certain members designing them for signatures, or "sigs" as we called 'em. Back in the glory days.....


(You can tell how cool I am from my sig up there!)

Anyway... reminiscing aside, I felt like the generators I used to create the following ASCII pictures were really difficult to use. It is hard to make the pictures recognizable! I tried quite a few different photographs, and ended up using the following two:

This first one was made with I used one of the pictures from my photography assignment earlier in this course!

This second one is from a picture I took of my best friend at the beginning of the school year. I created it with I don't really feel like the typed picture does the real one justice, but I did like how it highlighted her face. To make the background pink, I literally had to type the word "PINK" into the box on the website, so I didn't get to pick the exact shade or anything. It's not my favorite pink in the entire world but I did like how it was easiest to see the picture on the pink vs. the other color backgrounds I tried. 

The second set of typography art is a little different than the first in that it has a chunkier text, and it has a more modern feel, I think. I used a website called Tagxedo for this one. Again, I had a really hard time making my pictures look like anything more than a huge blob of words. Then I found a picture I took during a trip over the summer of this cool guitar, and I had an idea. I cheated a little bit by putting the picture into a paint program and painting black over the guitar and white over the background, then putting it onto Tagxedo. I think it turned out exactly like I wanted it to, though. The program registered the shape I was going for, finally. I used lyrics to a great country song "I Hold On" by Dierks Bentley for the text in the guitar because the second verse of the song is him singing about his old guitar. I also used a red, white, and blue color scheme because that was the color of the original guitar and what drew me to that guitar in the first place! 

My little cheat silhouette

The original picture!

My Tagxedo Image :)

The final set of images were made using Textorizer.

This first picture is one I took of my best friend again. I used her initials for the text. My computer was running this program so slowly! It would take forever just to do minor adjustments. I liked how it was turning out until I had the thought that the words all over her kind of look like bugs crawling all over her, and now every time I look at it that's what I see. *shiver* I guess that's fitting for Halloween, right? lol

This flag picture is from Textorizer 2, and it is another one from our photography assignment earlier in the year. I used the words of the Pledge of Alligiance for the typography. I love Textorizer 2! I think this turned out so cool and I love how over the red and white parts the words bubble out but the background stays very straight across. I'm guessing that is because the program was trying to mimic the shapes of the flag. I just think it looks really cool, and it's legible which is awesome! 

Last but not least, a selfie of me, lol. This was made with Excoffizer (yep.). I think this looks really cool too, although it's kind of simplistic. The wavy pattern reminded me of those pictures on the screensavers for Nooks. (I'm adding a Nook screensaver to prove my point. lol)
With Excoffizer Effect 
Original Picture
Nook Screensaver!

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