Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moon River/Audrey Hepburn Video Mashup

To be honest, last week when we were required to put together a song for Online Art, I wasn't completely thrilled with how mine had turned out. However, my song (a remix of "Moon River" from the old movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"), ended up going very well with this week's video mashup assignment!

I chose to use clips from the Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant film, "Charade". The original movie is about a French woman (Audrey) whose husband is murdered. After his death she meets Cary Grant and has many run ins with enemies of her late husband. Along the way she solves a mystery of a unique stamp from a stamp collection and falls in love with Grant. I can't remember the exact details of how the story plays out because I watched it two years ago, but I do remember it was a really good movie with a lot of twists. 

I combined clips from the movie to create an altered story. I cut them, edited the color to black and white in the beginning, added different transitions, and changed the speeds on some of the clips to fast motion and slow motion. I also added the sound effect of the phone ringing and the gunshot, in addition to my song from the last project.

I used the black and white vs. color to draw a distinction between present time and Audrey's memory. The black and white scenes represent the present day. The color is removed to indicate that she is slightly removed from present reality. The scenes are open to viewer interpretation, and what is real and what is not is completely apparent. However, the flashback scenes are in color because her memory is vivid and she is very sure of what she remembers...There are strong emotions connected to her memory, and it is more reliable. Just a little symbolism thrown in there. ;)

If I could change one thing about the video, I would want to have more clips to work from. There was one clip from the movie where she and Grant are on a boat having dinner which I really wanted to include, but unfortunately I didn't have access to that clip. I also think I would try to make my storyline a little clearer and longer. I think it makes sense when I explain it, but also I feel like a good story line doesn't necessarily need to be explained, it should be able to stand alone! :)

In my version of the story, Audrey comes into the office of a businessman, and upon opening the door she is surprised by a familiar face. We are whisked back in time through her memory, as we see her and her husband, deeply in love. Suddenly the phone rings. Audrey goes to answer it, but it turns out to only be a plot to bring her face to face with a threatening man. She tries to run from him, but he follows her all the way to an old theater. 

She hides under the stage, as the man creeps forward toward her hiding place in quiet pursuit. Grant runs behind the stage, coming to rescue Audrey. Just at the moment that the bad man is about to discover where she is hidden, Grant acts as a divergent and is shot in Audrey's stead. 

Audrey sits quietly at her beloved husband's funeral, mourning his death, when a man comes up with a note summoning her to a meeting to discuss details Grant's death. This brings us back to the opening scene. When she opens the office door for the meeting, there sits Grant, alive, it seems. Or is he? That is for the viewer to decide.

I enjoyed making this mashup of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Using a song originally sang by her, and then clips from one of my favorite films by her was a lot of fun. I write this from Columbus where I'm spending part of my fall break. Today I had a chance to go to the Easton Mall and visit a Tiffany Jewelry store, and I felt like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Happy Fall Break!

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