Thursday, October 23, 2014

Digital Drawings

Today's project was a ton of fun. I used three different online programs to create the following artworks, and one of them is my favorite thing I've made in my digital art class so far!

The first two pictures (the diamond and the boxes) were made using Scribbler. In Scribbler, you have to make a line drawing and then the program scribbles over it, connecting some of the lines with scribbly marks. I enjoyed seeing what the program did to my line drawings, but I felt like I didn't have much control over my drawing. I thought it was a little difficult to drawing the lines with my mouse, and I didn't really get to choose where the lines scribbled. The program made a lot of my decisions for me! However, I did figure out after my diamond drawing that I could control the colors of the lines. For the second drawing I paused the drawing a few times and switched the colors so there would be more variation.

The second program I used is called Scribbler, Too, which is a variation of Scribbler. I enjoyed this program so much more, and as I said before, I was able to use it to make my favorite piece of art this semester! 

First of all is my "A", which is supposed to show dimension and volume. I like how the colors look like they are melting down the side and the shadow I was able to add. With Scribbler, Too I was able to control how much "scribble" was added to my pictures and I drew the scribbly lines myself so I had a lot more control over the finished product. This was useful for the shading of the "A". 
And then there's my vintage girl! I used a picture as an outline and to place the values, then deleted it after I got it filled in and I have to say I love how it turned out! (You can see the original photograph under my drawing... I found it on pinterest. ;) ) I want to make another picture like this and get it printed out and framed for my new apartment! I felt like adding the values was a crossover skill from my painting class I'm in right now as well. It was time consuming but turned out really cool. :)

Finally, the flame drawings, using the program Flame Painter Free. Both pictures represent a feeling. The first one kind of represents two things: the fact that even in a dark place in life there is always a section with color and hope! And the feeling of having a new, creative idea burst to life in your head. :)

The second picture represents feeling tired. I didn't go into it with the intention of making it a "sleepy" picture but the blue and the black just looked like a visual representation of being tired to me. lol

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